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Since it opens tomorrow...

Who's planning on seeing The Passion of the Christ?

I'm considering it, but I doubt I'll be able to get any of my family to come with me -- even though we consider ourselves a Christian family. Extreme violence and subtitles just aren't their thing. So if I do go see it, I want to know that I have someone to talk about it with.

I'm watching Mel's interview with Bill O'Reilly right now. I love Mel's face... it's so expressive.
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Actually, the only reason I'm considering seeing it is because it's not your typical 'Hollywood blockbuster'. If anything it's Mel's interpretation of the book, but he seems to be very devoted and determined to make a worthy product.
Just admit it, Ly, you're just saving up all your money to go see Welcome to Mooseport ;)
I'm sure having to sit through Mooseport would have me praying by the end of the film...

Dear God, please let this be over soon...