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Got an email back from the Build a Bear people ;) They don't have any plans to carry a paramedic costume, but they'll keep it in mind. Isn't that swell ;)

Also got an email back from my advisor, which means I've heard back from three of the four people I emailed yesterday. Kudos to them!

My mummy has put $25 into my checking account - she's a wonderful mummy - and so I'm going to go down to the campus store after class and see if there's any class of 2004 apparel that I can buy with my new-found fortune. It's doubtful, but it can't hurt to look.

Breakfast today was juice and most of a banana. My mid-morning snack was a beef stick I bought off one of the 5th graders (and wow, did that bring back memories). I should really get something to eat before Ped, but I can't be bothered. Bad me. I'm going to lose all that weight I put on and end up going back to my size 5s.

*runs away*

And just because: Polar Bears at Zoo Turn Green.
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