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In this case, I'm rooting for SciFi

A Philadelphia group that describes itself as an advocate for African religions is suing the Sci Fi Channel, contending that a new reality series it is promoting demeans and misrepresents the vodou religion, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Leaders of the National African Religion Congress Inc. say the producers of Mad Mad House are defaming their faith by inaccurately holding up a Yoruba princess as a vodou priestess. A commercial showing contestants being placed into a pit and covered with animal parts and entrails is not representative of their faith, members of the group say.

"People already have negative feelings about this religion without a program like this exacerbating things," said George Ware, president of the five-year-old congress.

Sci Fi describes Mad Mad House as a reality series in which 10 people move into a house run by "five genuine practitioners of alternative lifestyles," including a vampire, a Wiccan, a naturist, a vodou priestess and a modern primitive.
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Oy. How reassuring to know they're properly assimilated into the mainstream American mentality of "Don't like it? Sue!!" *rolls eyes*

Who isn't? ;)

It's all about money. SciFi has it, these folks want it. They must figure they can make a profit off a lawsuit that they can't from educating.
They must figure they can make a profit off a lawsuit that they can't from educating.

I guess. I'd like to think they're wasting their time and money, but if they get a jurisdiction and/or judge inclined against big entertainment corporations, it could turn out that way. :-P

One thing I'll say about my job: all the litigation stuff is probably burying the needle on my cynicism meter, but at least I consider "this company owes us a truckload of money for services rendered" to be a legitimate use of the court system. :-P