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Charmed: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

Okay, that was at the same time very cool and soooo not cool.

Okay, so the ghostly plane stuff was cool. Neat camera effects and all. Also, for the first time I felt bad for Chris. Can't be fun fading out of existance.

But I have so many questions. First, and most practically, how was Piper immune to the poison? Was she just lucky like that, or was it established in some other episode? Secondly... I mean, I assume that Piper is, after all, preggers, because you can tell HMC is. I've watched enough shows with actresses with hidden pregnancies to tell. But are we to figure that Piper and Leo did the horizontal mambo there in the ghostly plane, out on the street or something? Out in the open when they didn't know if Mr. Under-eye Circles was coming? With Leo poisoned and bleeding?

And all we got to see is kissing? Man, I feel cheated. I was hoping for a little skin at least.

I knew that Gideon fella was bad news.

So now I guess the question is... will Piper be able to tell Leo about Chris, and her newly preggers condition, now that he's up in Eldersville (or is he)? And it's not on next Sunday! The WB are bastards! Bastards!

Oh, and the whole Clarence thing was completely unnecessary.

Overall, a cute episode, and the smooching was indeed squee-worthy. But it could have been a lot better.

In other news, I have a new AIM SN: salmonczar.


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