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I really need to punch somebody right now

It's February. Graduation is in May. I started thinking it was a little weird that I hadn't seen any information about it, so I emailed my advisor. I heard from a friend that there's some application that has to be turned in by March, and I wanted to make sure I got it in.

So I get an email from one of the office people, whom my advisor forwarded my email to. She says:

At the beginning of the Fall 2003 semester, we advised all seniors who are planning to graduate in May 2004 to apply to graduate before the September 12, 2003 deadline.

Uh, no you didn't. Because I'm a senior, and I was never advised. Gah.

Allison, please see me or go to the Registrar's Office ASAP and fill out a Application to Graduate. Because you did not meet the deadline, you will be charge a late fee somewhere between $25.00 and $30.00 dollars.

Well isn't that special.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that that's all it is. If it wasn't so easy to fix, I'd have to literally take somebody's head off. But I'm still pissed that my advisor (who I like very much as a person) didn't mention anything to me when I saw him for Spring advising. Or, for that matter, when I saw him months ago for Fall advising. He's my ADVISOR, right? He's supposed to TELL me these things, right? I'm not just supposed to figure it all out by myself, am I?

I was able to print the form off the net. I filled it out and I'll take it in to the Registrar's office on Monday. And I'll pay their damn fee. But I emailed this gal back - and I'll tell the people in the R's office this too - that I was never told.

Maybe I'm overreacting a little. Am I? I'm just resentful that there I assumed everything was going fine and dandy, and now I have to deal with "Oh, you incompetent little student" from the frigging paper-pushers in the University office (no offense, Tere ;)).

In other news, my brother's friend Mike is spending the night (they've both recently broken up with their girlfriends and need to have some male bonding time). Of course my parents are in Napa so I have babysitter duties. Mike is no problem, but dog Max thinks he is, and he keeps wuffing in this annoying way.

By the way, I saw the Justice League episode Comfort and Joy tonight, and despite the lack of WW and BM... omg. It was so. Freaking. Adorable. Although can anyone explain to me why Pa Kent is alive?


*bangs head on desk*

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