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"Quirky, Eye-Popping Facts About YOU"


No, ME!


Quirky fun facts about the US in 2003

Home Sweet Home

* The median net worth of families reached $86,100 in 2001, up from $78,000 in 1998 (constant 2001 dollars used).

* Family net worth in 2001 was an average $395,500, up from $230,500 (in 2001 dollars) in 1992.

* U.S. families gave on average $1,623 to charity in 2000, which was about 3.2 percent of household income. This was up from 2.2 percent in 1991 and 1995.

* In 2001, 36 percent of all households owned a dog and 32 percent had a cat.

* 35 million people baked something in their own kitchen in 2002.

We Love Kids!

* More babies were born in Utah and Texas than in any other states. Vermont and Maine's birth wards were the quietest of all 50 states.

* The number of orphans admitted as immigrants to the United States more than doubled, from 9,384 in 1995 to 19,087 in 2001.

* Toy sales were down 11 percent from 2001 to 2002. But sales of video games grew by 10 percent.

Get Smart

* Nearly 64 percent of children ages 3 to 5 were in pre-school or kindergarten in 2001, well up from the 37 percent enrolled in 1970.

* Over 84 percent of Americans over age 25 finished high school by 2002.

* More than 25 percent of Americans have a bachelor's degree.

* The average cost of attending college as a full-time undergraduate for one academic year, including room and board, was $14,710 in 1999-2000.

* Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Colorado lead the nation in the number of college-educated residents, all with more than 35 percent.

* West Virginia, Arkansas, and Wyoming have the fewest college graduates, all under 20 percent.

It's Playtime!

* About 54 million Americans went swimming and 45 million went camping, while only 24 million did aerobics. Just over 5 million played badminton, although some 34 million went fishing.

* About 13.9 million people age 7 or older played soccer more than once in 2001, compared with 13.2 million softball players. There were 40 million bowlers and 27 million golfers.

* U.S. families spent some $660 during the year on TVs, stereos, and video games.

* Forty percent of adults said they read books for leisure during 2002, compared with 27 percent who surfed the Internet for fun.

* 32 million people did a crossword puzzle in 2002.

* 67 million Americans went to a barbecue in 2002, compared with 43.4 million who went to a bar.

Shop Until You Drop

* The nation's clothing stores sold nearly $600 in apparel for every man, woman, and child.

* America has 23,900 supermarkets, which is a decline of 600 from 1990. But the number of "superstores" grew to 8,900.

Do I Look Fat In This?

* Women may worry more about looking fat, but men are more likely to be fat: Half of U.S. women are overweight, compared with two-thirds of men. [Alli's note: This is presumably according to the Government's BMI, which is notoriously controversial)

* More than 71 million people say they walk for exercise. One-fourth of adults reported no physical activity at all.

* We spent $485 billion on food that we ate at home, and we spent $415 billion eating out.

* We consumed $59.2 billion in packaged beer, wine, and liquor and spent another $53.2 billion drinking in bars and restaurants.

* We each ate 16 pounds of ice cream last year.

The Underside of Life

* More than 1.4 million inmates filled federal and state prisons in 2001, an increase of 82 percent since 1990.

And just so folks don't think I'm totally screwing around, I've done some homework, gone to class, and cleaned out Jonas and Murray's tank bachelor pad.

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