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A superhero-y day

Yes, I had one of them :-D I went down to the video rental place and got the original Batman... well, not the original, I guess, but the one with cheese -- 80's cheese this time. All and all a pretty well done movie, especially considering when it was made *g* but it didn't give me near the amount of character development that I was looking for.

I watched the War World ep on Cartoon Network, but I have to say it didn't hold my attention. Superman doesn't really do it for me, I'm afraid. Then I was able to download and watch The Savage Time parts 1, 2 and 3. Sue, I'm including this on the CD I'm sending to you.

Interesting episode. I'm having trouble keeping the timeline of the Vandal Savage episodes straight -- this one, then Maid of Honor, then Hereafter... I think. Makes for a nice, complex bad guy, I think. In this ep, Savage is able to change the past by sending a laptop back in time to his immortal self, circa WWII. He takes over from Hitler (puts him in an ice cube, actually) and starts taking over the world using technology and info from the future. J'onn, GL, Flash, WW, Supes and HG aren't affected because at the time they were protected, so they're pretty much thrown into an AU where the JL never existed. Bats is around but he has no idea who they are... he's leading a resistance against Savage. They figure out how to go back to WWII and stop the futzing of the timeline, which is pretty much the last we see of AU Bats... although Diana gives him a nice, sad look before she jumps into the wormhole thingy.

They jump into the battle and GL's ring runs out of juice. He's trapped behind enemy lines with some Army guys; HG had to leave him there in order to get some soldiers out of harm's way. Flash is very, very upset with her for leaving GL behind. Did I mention very? ;) And even though she knows she did the right thing getting the men to safety, HG feels guilty as well. Aren't they cute?

Diana and J'onn go off to Germany and find this American spy guy, and he and Diana have a little flirtation thing going, which I would be more peeved about if this had happened after Bold and the Brave, but it didn't, so I'm not. Besides, once they get back to the present, the spy guy is all old and wrinkly. No competition with buff, surly Bats ;)

In the climactic scene, the JL realizes that GL is alive after all, and he's on board a ship about to crash into the ocean. HG rescues him at the last minute, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him out of danger and into the sky. He looks up and says "What took you?" - in a nice way, of course - and she smiles and tells him "I had to fix my hair" and squeezes his hand. They are so cute.

Of course the funniest part is when they return to the 'corrected' present and Bats - real Bats - is there waiting for him. While everyone looks delighted, it's Superman who runs to him and gives him a big hug. Bats just stands there and asks "Am I missing something?" Hysterical!

Sue, want me to make you a HawkGirl/Green Lantern icon? Or do you need to take this show one ship at a time? ;)
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