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Death Knell reviews

Haha. This is my surprised face.

Darling Lex has given DK a 1.5 (out of 4) rating. Anyone who's surprised, smack yourself around a little.

Here's my review.
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Why on earth is she crapping on about Sam's makeup in that second last paragraph? It has nothing to do with the plot.
Because in Lex's world, Sam exists to be bitched about. She has no other reason for being, unless she's complimenting Daniel or something.
It's seems like she's not even a fan of the show. She seems to do a lot of criticising.

I just don't understand it...
The only good point about reading Lex's review is that she seems to miss the point entirely. I can't believe she dissed Teal'c! Teal'c was in character - he states the obvious with exceedingly well timed practice and apart from that, not everyone would have realised that Sam would have gone for higher ground as it's defensible.

*smacks forehead*
Daniel ... uh ... hmm. Let me get back to you on that. LOL...

You are right about the great interactions back at the SGC.

Great review.
Good review, as always.

I thought it was very diplomatic of you not to squee over the ending. The whole 'comfort after a harrowing experience' thing was too good for anyone with a brain to argue with. You can be so nice when you want to.