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Captain's log, stardate ####... part of our ship fell off and I ... can't find my pants

One entry a week. That's, uh, okay.

The highlights...

* Finals start in a week. Eep! :(

* School ends (at least for moi) in one week and one day. Eep! :)

* My gender studies prof has her head up her arse, but that's nothing new. It's actually refreshing to be pi$$ed and infuriated about something other than Stargate. Speaking of...

* Michael Shanks is an egotistical little baby. Also nothing new there.

* As for other Stargate-related things... *grins* I will only say... The eagle has landed, and mm, it's tasty!

* Did I mention a week and a day til school is out?

I'm going to try to apply for a job at the movie theatre... and by try I mean attempt not to psych myself out so badly I can't do it. Damn money. Why does it have to be so lovely and green and useful? Oh well. At least I have better employment prospects than certain other people mentioned in this entry.

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