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Norwegian Shoe Thief Runs Rampant

OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A bold thief with a penchant for high-heeled shoes has been keeping women on their toes in the western city of Stavanger.

The thief, described as a male in his 30s, boldly enters homes, sometimes when the owners are there, and makes off with women's high-heeled shoes, the Stavanger Aftenbladet newspaper reported Monday.

He knocked on the door of one woman's home last month, and asked to check a number in her telephone book. She left briefly to get it and he jotted down a number. It was only after he was gone that she noticed all her high-heeled shoes were gone from the entryway.

He apparently came back on Saturday and stole more shoes while she was in the shower and her boyfriend was in the living room.

Another woman told the newspaper that high-heeled shoes had been stolen from her house five times.

Even though there are often valuables nearby, he only takes shoes and leaves everything else. Aftenbladet said the women had filed police complaints, but that there were no suspects.
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