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I just realized that one of the new pants I got, which was supposed to be a size 7, was really a size 5. The outside tag was wrong and I didn't think to double-check the inside tag. And the outside tags have already been snipped. Suckage.

Anybody interested in some size 5 tan tab-front pants?

In other news, I've put up the new layout on my friends page, only with a different top graphic. Piper and Leo from Charmed, and Sydney and Vaughn from Alias. Aren't they cuuuuuuute??

Now I'm going to go get some lunch, then work on some homework, go to class and come back so I can play with my layout some more!
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You know what? Apart from the colour difference, your style looks exactly like mine! I wonder why? LOL!
LOL. Funny.

Actually, they're a little different... my icon is up near the top of the page. And I'm going to play around with it later, see how much more ME I can make it.

But it's a nice layout :)
I was actually comparing friends pages, which aren't any different apart from the fact that I've filled in my own links. Your moving the user pic is a neat idea though. ;)

But it's a nice layout

One of the reasons I've had it for so long.

Yeah, LJ's whole system is very not user-friendly.

Oh Ness... you should make a how-to site :)
And the outside tags have already been snipped. Suckage.

Mislabeling sucks. :-( But if you have your receipt, almost any store should take them back anyway. Where did you get them?

Failing that...

Anybody interested in some size 5 tan tab-front pants?\

Possibly, although I seem to recall from our one meeting that you're relatively petite. (We were all sitting on the floor, so I'm a bit vague on the point.) So I'm probably out of luck.
Mervyns. I already asked mom... she says they need the tags.

As for compatability issues ;) At GC I was still wearing my 5s... I'm 5'6", 5'7"ish and at that point was about 110lbs, if that helps at all.

(Then I put on a whole *9 lbs*, and it all went to Hell! ;))
Mervyns. I already asked mom... she says they need the tags.

Well. That blows. I've never tried to return anything there before, so I don't know. If I had, I would know, because I'm notorious for getting home, snipping the tags off everything, and then discovering that the clerk grabbed something from the wrong hold-this-behind-the-counter pile or something. :-P

I'm 5'6", 5'7"ish and at that point was about 110lbs, if that helps at all.

Okay, so I suck. (Or possibly was more sleep-deprived by that point in the con than I thought. *g*) I was guessing 5'5". Usually I'm better at it than that, but sometimes a small frame will fool me. And of course I should know better, since I'm on the other end of it enough -- "You're not five ni--" :: steps closer, cranes neck :: "Oh."

Whether I need a 5 or a 7 actually depends on brand and style, and I'm guessing from that that we're pretty much the same size (apart from my being Ridiculous Inseam Girl). So, I'm not going to be any help, I'm afraid. :-/
Hey, we might as well get comedy mileage out of it. Something to balance the hassle of finding pants. ;-)

My brother is 6'6" -- i.e. nine inches taller than I am -- and most of his jeans are 34 inseam, which is the same as I wear. This is partly because he inherited our dad's proportions and partly because he's a moderately hip twentysomething guy who tends toward the saggy crotch approach, but it's still ridiculous. (He does at least usually get 36 inseam dress pants. Fortunately, he's an engineer and can afford tailoring.)

I'm just hoarding as much as I can during this trend for absurdly long pants that nearly brush the ground over 4-inch platforms. I'm in sooooooo much trouble when this 80s thing we're at the beginning of inevitable brings back the tapered-to-the-ankle thing.

People can mock legwarmers all they want, but they're the only relief I got in high school from jeans that stopped 3-4 inches above my ankles. Not looking forward to that again. *wry g*
Well, it never hurts to ask. I did almost the same (I bought petites when I needed regulars) then mentioned my gaff when I went to buy the right ones. The gal said bring them back anyway ... even though the labels had been snipped and the pants had been worn and washed. Amazing! (But smart, 'cause I bought more than I'd planned because of it.)