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The show is silly, but I luuuurve the ship.

Chris is Leo and Piper's other son? But only if he can get them to shack up soon? How twisted is that?

I love it.

And yes, I have a new icon too. How cute are they???
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This whole storyline is really confusing if you think too much about it... What's going to happen to Chris when baby is born? :S
I love time travel stuff! Love love love!

As for what will happen to Big!Chris... I guess it depends what the Charmed universe has to say about whether two of the same people can exist at the same time.
Or what happens if they don't get together when they were suppose to? Does that mean he'll melt away? i.e. Back to the Future

See.. I told you that you'd love the episode.

Sigh.. Piper/Leo ship. :)

Love the icon too.