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Hi everyone!

We're ahead of schedule this year.

You can now go to the SJFA site to see the results of this year's contest.

Many thanks to everyone who participated, and also to the wonderful awards staff -- Sue, Ann and Rob.

See you all again next year! :D
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*hugs M also*

I have a question for you. We have the same basic layout, right? Then how come my reply page has a regular text box, and yours has a cool colored text box? *pouts*
You mean how what you type into over here is white and mine is black? I'm not *exactly* sure, but I think that even though I have a picture I use for my background, I still defined the color of my background as black. At least, that's the only thing I can think of!
Hmm. How about the color of the comment boxes themselves? Or...

Okay, I have no clue.

*sits down and waits for Rob to come by and explain it all*
The way to make the comment background match the other style elements in a S2 layout is to select the "customised form elements" option. If you don't, then it just comes up with Times New Roman (or whatever this is) in a white box. (I only know this because hwconundrum had the same problem, and finally figured it out.)

Of course, you've now switched back to S1, so you always get the white background. Layout does look nice though.
Although normally I wouldn't have, as I've never used anything except for S1.

*polishes geek reputation*

Congrats on the story award. It was well deserved!
Thank you for all your work, Alli, and congratulations! Sleepers is an excellent story, and deserving of the recognition!