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Fic and other things with words in them

First of all... new Suefic. "First Name Basis". Sam/Jack NC17. Post-ItLoD. Yum. Eek, but yum.

Part 0 (disclaimer and stuff)
Part 1
Part 2

I'm pulling this off sgfic, but it can also be found on samjacknc17.

Further proof that reading this LJ makes you special: This is the first place I'm giving out the url of the new Sam/Jack Fanfic Awards. Some of you may remember the CKAs from 2000. Yes, it's really taken almost 3 years for us to put that horror behind us *g* Anyway, the site and the awards go public at the end of the month, as nominations open up on 12/1... but you get to admire the pretty pink layout! Yay you!

Posted my 3rd - and last - short story to the class BB. Not totally looking forward to having it critiqued in class tomorrow, as (a) it's not done and (b) I'm not all that thrilled with it. The idea just kind of got in my head, and, well, I didn't have any more fic to poach, and it was due. So... there it is. "In the Closet" is the title, about a science fiction fan named Ed who finds an interdimensional portal (guess where? -- that's right! In the closet!) and one by one tosses his annoying inlaws and then his wife into the abyss. I just can't decide if the portal actually exists, or if he's insane and delusional, or if he's trying to make people think he's insane and delusional.

And really, don't we all have that problem in our lives, at one point or another?

No? Oh. Well... never mind then.

*eyes Sleepers, March, and Quickfic*. Eenie, meenie, miney moe...

[Edit: Had to mention that samandjack is currently up to 1317 members. Folks have been joining like the dickens since the S1 episodes started airing. Now why IS that?]

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