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Go me.

My Death Knell review has been sent off to Darren already. And I've already washed and folded my laundry.

My to-do list for this weekend:
- Physics reading: pp 154-165
- Physics reading: pp 202-213
- Physics reading: pp 216-222, 226-230
- American lit reading: pp 744-745, 746-780
- American lit reading: pp 876-877, 877-901

Yeah, so... my eyeballs will be falling out of my head by about noon.
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Sorry had to drop in a comment - I know how you feel about the physics - I have another dreaded seminar on monday and am refusing to even open a book till 2 hours before . . . . its not like theres any point scaring myself this early into the weekend . . . and besides I got all my anatomy stuff done last night so I figure I can afford to go play.