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Devil: Hey... your morning Lit class tomorrow has been cancelled, right?

Alli: Yeah...

Angel: Terrific, more time to go to the computer lab and work on your powerpoint presentation before Physics!

Devil: Or...

Angel: Or? There's no or.

Devil: There's always an or.

Alli: What are you guys talking about?

Devil: Well, instead of waiting around until Physics at 2, you could --

Angel: Nuh-uh. I see where this is going.

Devil: -- skip class and go home in the morning!

Alli: Hmm...

Angel: Don't hmm! You can't miss class!

Alli: Why not?

Angel: Well... you'll miss the lecture.

Devil: So what? She's good enough at this, she can just read the appropriate chapter in the book.

Alli: She's got a point.

Angel: Er... okay. But what about turning in your homework?

Alli: I could always just drop it off at Dr. Harlow's office in the morning.

Devil: Niiiice...

Angel: *groans*
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