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Quote of the week... month... year... whatever.

"They said it was Brannon Braga, Marti Noxon, Chris Carter. They blamed it on David Duchovny for going and Jeri Ryan for coming. They claimed it had all gone to pot after third season. They called Xing a fascist and a commmunist and a capitalist. They pinned it on BNFs and trolls and sockpuppets. They said the contests were rigged, the rec lists unfair and Godawful was cruel. They hit all the fallacies, from ad hominem to straw men. They passed it off as alien spores, magic spells, Egyptian gods, and the government conspiracy. They said it was the scripts, the writers, the actors, the pairings, TPTB.

They were wrong. The trouble with fandoms is now, and has always been, the fans."

Also good for a read:
Bitter Old Fic Queens and Why They Need to Get Over It
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