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In God? Yes.

In ghosts? I believe that sometimes our loved ones who have passed on may be able to reach us somehow... but no, I don't believe in ghosts.

In aliens? Of course. Otherwise the universe is just a big waste of space. :)

In Bigfoot? Uh, no.

In fairies? Just the ones in SF ;)

In ESP? As cool as it would be, no.

In superstition? Like black cats and mirrors? No.

In equal rights for gays? As people, of course. As in marriage, no.

In equal rights for women? As people, of course. That said, I think most feminist activitists are scum suckers ;)

In psychics? Nope.

In appearance? In moderation.

In auras? Probably not.

In true love? Sure. :)

In happy endings? Only by believing in them will they come true :)

In abortions? No, no and no. There are extreme circumstances - rape and incest - where I would be less critical, but as retroactive birth control -- no, it's immoral.

In Santa? Santa lives in all of us :)

In soulmates? Yes. Of course, that's not to say that sometimes soulmates don't have obstacles to overcome and hard times to get through.

In magic? I sorta wish I did, but no.

In evolution? The process, yes. I think there's just too much evidence for it. But I think evolution is the mechanism of a higher power.

In cloning? Depends. I like the idea of scientists being able to grow replacement organs for people who have heart disease or some kind of cancer or need a transplant and wouldn't be able to get one otherwise. But cloning actual beings? C'mon, didn't people see Jurassic Park?

In fraggles? *looks confused*

In werewolves? Again, only the ones in SF ;)

In vampires? Well, there are actual conditions where people can't go out in the sun and have a thing for blood -- ew. But as for the mythology aspect... no way, Jose.

In miracles? Oh yes.

In existing thylacines? *looks questioningly at Rob*

In Nessie? Heck, I'm not even sure Ness exists sometimes :-D

In existing dinosaurs? That's a very odd question.

In interracial marriages? Yes.

In adoptions? Oh yes.

In saving the rainforests? Yeah.

In saving dying species? Depends on why they're dying, I guess.

In the human race? Usually ;)

In recycling? Sure, why not *g*

In blue tigers? Wha?

In tattoos? Sure. Just as long as people know if they cover themselves with 'em, they're gonna be looked at like a freak ;)

In plastic surgery? Yeah...

In love in general? You betcha!

In animal rights? I like animals, but I'm not about to start sending money to PETA.

In the death penalty?Yes. I think when someone shows they're no better than a rabid animal, they need to be put down.

We should all become vegetarians? No way baby. I like my meat!
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In equal rights for women? As people, of course. That said, I think most feminist activitists are scum suckers ;)


I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. It's my personal belief that it's the *extreme* feminist activist who is in the wrong just as much as misogynistic men, but we will get nowhere in our goal if we hold the above belief, and I really think it's the minority that feel this way.
Wow, it's amazing how quickly these quiz things circulate. I was the first one to post this two days ago. What a close knit fandom we have...
In fraggles? *looks confused*

Fraggles were in a cartoon, Fraggle Rock, when I was a kid. I loved it! Here's the Unofficial Fraggle Rock Site and if you scroll to the bottom of this page you can see what they looked like in the cartoon, rather than as puppets. (I'm assuming the puppets are just a merchandising ploy, cause I'm pretty sure Fraggle Rock was never 'live action'.)