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From the 'gimmie a break' file

If Mexican officials get their way, 52 convicted murderers awaiting executions in the United States could get off death row.

Authorities in Mexico say the killers deserve new trials, because they didn't get proper access to help from consular officials.

Justice and State Department lawyers have fought against Mexico's claims, calling the demands unjustified, unwise and an unacceptable intrusion on the American criminal justice system.

The International Court of Justice, commonly referred to as the World Court, has already ordered the United States not to carry out the death sentences until it issues a ruling. At least three executions have been stayed thus far by U.S. officials.

States are reminding court officers to inform Mexican nationals about their consular rights to avoid such legal entanglements in the future. But whatever the World Court's final decision, legal analysts predict it will have little practical impact.

Sure, you jackasses - and by jackasses I mean both Mexico and the World Court - pony up the money for a whole new trial and then maybe we'll talk. Then again, maybe we'll just tell you to go screw yourselves.

I'd like to know how many of these convicted murderers came from Mexico illegally. I suppose, according to some, that would make them "undocumented killers".

Here's hoping the DoJ and State Department stick to their guns, sotospeak.

*takes deep breaths and tries to go back to her happy place*
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