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The last day to vote for the Sam/Jack Fanfic Awards...

... is Wednesday! Yes, this Wednesday!

So if you haven't voted, get over to the site and vote!

Obviously, if you've already voted once, don't do it again.

And if you have voted more than once, we've caught you, burned you in effigy, and danced upon the ashes. You suck! HA!
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*whining voice*
Buuuut Allliiiiiii, it's so HAAAAARD!

Is it really ballot-stuffing if you're voting for *different* people every time you vote?

There's too many good stories!!!!! I don't like chooooosiiing!!!!! It's HAAAAAARD!!!!


I actually sent it twice...

Forgot the Outstanding Author category so I submitted my vote in a second e-mail (put in 'none' for the stories since I already voted for those).

Damn, those selections were hard...