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Bleh, football

I can't wait until this damn game starts, because the sooner it begins the sooner it can be over.

I think I'm going to head back to school a little earlier today. I have a lot of things due this week and I think I work better at school, on a computer I don't have to worry about blowing up. *gnashes teeth*

On the upside... my wonderful lovely parents took me to Mervyn's and bought me about $200 worth of clothes yesterday, because I've put on a little weight this year and no longer fit comfortably into my size 5 pants. Size 7s, here I come! Even better, a bunch of the stuff we bought yesterday went on sale today, so mom will be able to take the receipt back and get the difference. Yippie.
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Yes well you are obviously strange :) Kids are usually done it height but our usual sizes are 8, 10, 12 etc. Is a 2 like really really small because it would be like barbie sizes over here :)