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My site is back!

I had so many weird dreams last night. One was very silly and it was about me getting into an argument with some people about whether or not I was going to drive them home. One was about getting lost driving around San Francisco. Another one was about getting a bad report card from my high school (which I graduated from almost 4 years ago).

The weirdest one was Stargate-related, of course. Sam and Jack found themselves out in this North Pole-like environment. Sam was wearing a red dress under her fatigues, and she had long hair. Jack was carrying around a huge purple cellphone. She could see him but he couldn't see her. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Daniel were in a plains-like environment (I think I was calling it Kansas in my dream). Daniel was wearing a dress and a wig and speaking in a high voice. Teal'c was carrying pails of water. I turned out that all of them had been brainwashed so they didn't know who/where they were, in order to take part in the definitive reality show, which for some reason was being shown on the BBC.

It made absolutely no sense, but it was a very interesting dream while I was having it.
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