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Proof that I'm actually working on it

Less than two feet between them, two feet and the darkness and a warm breeze that now smells like soap.

She's looking at the ground now, arms crossed over her stomach, and the moment that had started to form is falling away now, regardless of how close they are. He's still frozen - frozen in time, frozen in feeling - but he manages to pull his hands free of those restraining pockets, slowly and stiffly, reaching out, feeling like a fool but reaching anyway.

He touches her arm and she looks up.

Now excuse me... Raquel, Arturo and I must go study for the exam tomorrow.
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::prods alli::

Screw Raquel and Arturro! Hurry up and finish March 2008!


So is this Sam and Jack? I'm thinking you've had Spanish on your mind too much and you've actually started writing Raquel and Arturo fic.