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Death Knell

Oh my God. This is like my favorite episode of the whole season. I love it. I adore it. Peter, you have been redeemed for both Unas episodes. I bow down before you in your writing/directing godliness.

I haven't read anyone's comments because I wanted to go at least mostly spoiler free, so I won't say too much. But boy oh boy, this ep had everything. Jack!angst, of course, and Daniel!angst, and the more subtle Teal'c!angst, and Dad!angst too! It had supersoldiers, only now they're calling them 'drones', which is much less comic-book sounding, and it was actually scary in this ep for probably the first time. There was survivalist!Sam, who really is getting whumped lately, and pissy!Daniel... only now he was pissy in a good way. Of course there was the adorable moment of Sam/Jackness that was completely gratutitous... Peter, you kick mucho ass. And the whole Jaffa/Tok'ra stuff... wow wow. I didn't consider myself a huge fan of that storyline - I mean, I liked Allegience, of course, but I wasn't in love with it - but this ep takes the politics of the allience to a new level. The Tok'ra are starting to distrust Jake because he's so close to the Tau'ri, and the Jaffa want to build their own bases and communities and and and...

I think what I liked about this episode is that there were so many loose ends left. And I know that sounds weird, usually people don't like stuff like that, but this ep had the earmarks of kind of... launching a story arc that could be very impressive. Especially considering that Heroes is coming up the next two weeks. Meep!

Did I mention that I liked it?
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