Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

Now, I'm only doing this because Yam made me promise... ;)

1. If I hadn't met you as soon as I entered fandom, I know I wouldn't still be here. I love you lots. And I am going to get you to come out to CA if its the last thing I do!

2. You're nuts, and I love that about you! Nuts nuts nuts!

3. You're a good person, you just need to turn down the volume sometimes ;)

4. We are so lucky to have someone as artistic and talented as you in our midst. And it is so cold out here. :-p

5. You are a special, special, wonderful woman -- you're so good to me, and I know I don't show my appreciation as often as I should.

6. I always look forward to seeing you in chat because you're fun to talk to. Sometimes it seems like we have so much in common, even though we're so far away.

7. Yay, fellow member of the vast right wing conspiracy! You know what I love about you? I can always count on you to make snide remarks in IM just when I need them :D

8. Before you were a friend, I just knew you as a terrific fic writer. And even though you're not as prolific now as you used to be, I still think of you as an incredibly creative, original, fun person. And you better get your butt over here at some point so we can meet!

9. For a bloody Brit, you're bloody fantastic ;)

10. I wish you lived closer, that there's not like a whole ocean in between us. Then again, without an ocean in between us, we might drive each other crazy.

11. You drive me insane. In the good way -- mostly.

12. You're very cool, hon, even if you have some weird ideas and an unhealthy obsession with a boring show ;)

13. I've only talked to you on LJ, not AIM like most of the people here, but you seem like such a great person. I really appreciate your positive comments to some of my less-popular posts ;)

14. You've kinda disappeared off the face of the Earth lately, but I still count you among some of my oldest and closest fandom friends. Come baaaaaaaack!

15. One can never have too many moms -- thank you for your incessant pestering *g*

16. You're a wonderfully generous person and another member of the conspiracy besides! I hope we get the chance to meet IRL sometime in the near future, because I just know we'd have a terrific time together.

17. What would we do without you to show us all the cool new links, tell great stories, and generally make the toe's lives miserable?

18. You write awesome fic. You need to write more of it, WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE YOU WRITE MORE!?

19. Speaking of writing, I just know it's only a matter of time until I'm picking up your latest novel at the bookstore. I hope you'll autograph it for me!

20. You're insightful, creative, and I love your sense of humor. Can I be you when I grow up?

Wow, that was tiring!
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