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A group of high school students in Omaha, Neb. who nominated a South African student for a "Distinguished African-American Student" award were disciplined for what was described by administrators as an "inappropriate and insensitive" act, reports the Omaha World Herald.

Administrators at Westside High School said the award should only go to a black student. A student who later circulated a petition complaining about the racism inherent in that policy also was punished by the school.

The students nominated their South African friend by putting up some 100 posters around the school supporting his candidacy. The award has been given the last eight years to an outstanding black student as part of the school's Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration.

Good for those students.
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Good for them, indeed. If they don't mean African, they shouldn't say African.
inappropriate and insensitive"

the question that people should ask them is 'why?' because as far as I see what they do is (in their own words) inappropriate and insensitive 'cause well the boy is south african so he has the right, probably more than any ;)

tsk tsk to the administrators, and 'ya go' to the kids *g*