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The real consequences of Chimera


Subject: Security clearance
From: Lt. Colonel Y. Walters
To: Maj. General G. Hammond

General Hammond:

It's come to my attention that officers are now being permitted to reveal the existence of the Stargate to our spouses under special circumstances. I'd like to request that my wife be given that security clearance, seeing as how I came back from a week-long mission to P2T-909 with a broken arm and various flesh wounds. She's not buying the official story that a tiger got loose in the base.

Col. Walters.


Subject: Clearance for family members?
From: Major B. King
To: General Hammond

General --

Colonel Walters mentioned today that we might be allowed to tell our family members what we do after all! This is terrific news, General. I still haven't been forgiven for missing my daughter's piano recital last spring, and my husband is starting to get suspicious about all the time I spend away from home. I've tried to explain the situation to him, but you know how men are.

No offense, sir.

- Brenda King


Subject: Declassification
From: Captain R. E. York
To: General Hammond

Major King told me the good news. Happy to hear it, General. I've gotten so much grief from my kid's teacher about missing PTA conferences. I hope the next time I miss one for work-related reasons, you'll be willing to write me a note?

Capt. York


Subject: At last!
From: Sergeant S. Siler
To: General Hammond

Well, I had to hear it from York, but I'm happy anyway. Right on, sir. My masseuse always asks me why I'm so tense. Do you know how hard it is to make things up!?


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