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Back at school with an hour and a half before class. Go me.

I have Ped in the Education building until 2:30, and then phsyics lab at 3. Since they're both the same area, I'm thinking I'll just bring my Bernie G. book and kill time in the Ed building lobby.

I'm very sleepy, but I feel better than I did last night. I spent the morning looking in the newspaper for affordable housing in the area ;)

Am not stressing about Chimera. At least in a matter of hours it'll be over, boychump'll have come and gone, and we can focus on the important stuff -- like Death Knell! Yippie!

I've also decided to start a new feature -- the daily Democratic Presidential Primary caption contest. I figure they're enough of these clowns that I shouldn't have a problem coming up with one funny picture a day.

After his performance last night, the first pic obviously has to go to Howard Dean...

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Caption: "It says here that if I am elected president, they will let me have guest spot on Stargate so I can give Sam and Jack permission to 'fraternize.'"

Two things that should never happen.

(PS. I could really get into this 'capping dems' thing.)