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Okay, the first arrrggghhhh comes from the fact that there's no new episode next week? F*$king bastards!

My blood pressure is so unhealthy right now. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to take watching Blondie try to kill Syd and Vaughn on one hand and being kissy-face on the other. I mean, it was bad enough seeing her being kissy-face when I just suspected that she was up to no good... but the *censored* tried to kill her own husband! Not just Syd, who she obviously didn't like from the word go, but Vaughn too? That pisses me off.

That said, the death's-door kissing was perfectly lovely, especially since we got to see it twice. I wish Vaughn had been able to tell Syd that it was Jack who wanted him to push her away. I don't like manipulative people getting away with things, especially when they affect my OTP ;)

I have to admit, the angst on this show is good. Yet at the same time I don't have the eagerness to to jump into fandom and squee with others like I did with Sam and Jack and Stargate. Or write fic or that kind of thing. I wonder why.

ETA: I just had a thought:

Now Jack and Vaughn have something in common! Other than their loooooooove of Syd, of course.

In other news... anyone know where I can find some good SV icons?

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