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Ooh, purdy space icon :)

Thanks to Suz for pointing out the site :D

So... the deal for today... I have pedagogical seminar at 1:15 and I think we're going to have some kind of journal assignment given out, and learn about the subject matter portfolio and the autobiography and all the other stuff we'll be doing in that class. Did I mention I'm going to be busy as hell this semester?

Then I have my Teaching Reading class at 3:30. This'll be the first meeting for that class, which is good because it means we probably won't do much and bad because it means I'm going to be even busier than hell this semester ;)

Oh well. The best thing I can do is just stay on top of all my reading and assignments. I was going to work on my social studies autobiography, but reading over the topic page made no sense, so I've emailed the prof for clarification. So... while I wait for her... Whitman poetry, here I come!
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