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Gakking from Sesa

5 things I love about my life:

1.) I live in the best country in the world :D
2.) I've been able to get a terrific education.
3.) I have a wonderful, supportive family that I can go to with any problem.
4.) I am able-bodied with no major medical problems ;)
5.) All my life I have been able to set and achieve my goals.

5 things I love about my friends:

1.) They're fun and funny and silly and help bring out that side of me, too.
2.) I can talk to them about anything from computer problems to lame dates ;)
3.) They make me feel safe and supported
4.) They don't all agree with me about everything, but they're friends with me anyway *g*
5.) They motivate me.

5 things I love about me:

1.) I have an opinion on just about everything
2.) I'm optimistic
3.) I use the brain God gave me :D
4.) I have a quirky sense of humor
5.) I'm creative
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