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From Suzzy

tabby cat
You are a tabby cat. The total home-body. You'd be
content just to stay at home all day and not
get up from the couch. You lazy sloth! Try and
make a movement every now and then, or someone
might decide to bury you in the back yard!

What color of cat are you?
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Yeah! Tabbies are so the best cats ever.

The muse is frustrating the hell out of me. I want to be writing something, I want to be working on a project, but none of my current projects (namely Sleepers 2 or Jonasfic) is inspiring me. Grr.
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OMG - got the same result and having the same problem! It's tough being a Mistress of Gitwyia and running out of eccentric things to say and do! ;)

You're writing Jonasfic? Please, continue! So many people miss our darling Banana Boy..... *grins*