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The wisdom of Suz

AlliSnow6: so teal'c is sam's warrior side, daniel is the annoying scientist, jack is her confidence, grace was 'the child within', so what's jake?
suzvoy: fear?
AlliSnow6: hm, good one
suzvoy: :-D
AlliSnow6: her fear that she hasn't done enough with her life?
suzvoy: yeah
AlliSnow6: and that... her feelings for jack are holding her back from trying to find love elsewhere?
suzvoy: yup
AlliSnow6: because he's unobtainable
suzvoy: indeed
AlliSnow6: but at the same time, he's the 'safe bet'
AlliSnow6: how does that work?
suzvoy: it's complicated ;-)
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See - now that is what I was thinking! But could Jacob also be representative of just ... well .... family? You know - the subconcious need for her to have a family. Don't get me wrong - the rest of the team are probably good at filling that void - but to have a real home family situation ... that's what I think Jacob was there for.

It's amazing how many sides there are of Sam Carter, and possibly how these certain characters are her idea of certain aspects. Except for Grace. Unless she is like, Jack and Sam's love child somewhere along the way ...

I can hear you snorting!

Here's an idea - Grace was Sam's imaginary friend as a kid. There. Finished. Zip. Nadda. Nothing to see here. ;)