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The wisdom of Suz

AlliSnow6: so teal'c is sam's warrior side, daniel is the annoying scientist, jack is her confidence, grace was 'the child within', so what's jake?
suzvoy: fear?
AlliSnow6: hm, good one
suzvoy: :-D
AlliSnow6: her fear that she hasn't done enough with her life?
suzvoy: yeah
AlliSnow6: and that... her feelings for jack are holding her back from trying to find love elsewhere?
suzvoy: yup
AlliSnow6: because he's unobtainable
suzvoy: indeed
AlliSnow6: but at the same time, he's the 'safe bet'
AlliSnow6: how does that work?
suzvoy: it's complicated ;-)
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