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All I can say about that is...


And I don't say that often!

Just finished watching - Arnise, you are a superstar - and I'm still twitching. That last scene made me want to cry and laugh hysterically at the same time. He was so sweet, and she f**king called him 'Jack', and *screams*

All the visitations were... weird. Teal'c was creepy. Daniel was an ass. Jack was supportive. Dad was... dadish. Kind of weird that it all supposedly came from a whack on the head. I had no idea that getting smacked against a wall was so effective at encouraging life analysis.

But anyway, looking at what Dream-Jack said from the perspective that it's really what Sam's thinking... well, it's very very interesting. Never an angle I'd thought of before. For Sam, Jack is actually kind of the safe choice. She knows he's always going to be there for her. He's 'not that complex', in her opinion. So she's waiting for him, in a way, which I guess kind of negates any other relationships. Interesting. I'm not sure I agree with Sam on that count, but it's interesting.

And it does flow into the events of Chimera very nicely. She apparently gets involved with a boychump at last, but he can't be a complete part of her life because she can't tell him about what she does for a living, which is huge for her. I mean, it's huge for anybody, but especially her. Then, well, I'm ignorant about what happens in Death Knell, but we should get some nice Jack angst (Oh, and Teal'c? Real Teal'c? You kick f***king ass). Then in Heroes, Sam angsts for Jack, and realizes that no pathetic boychump could ever take his place.


Hey, so I'm pulling this out of my ass, but it makes me happy, ok?

The editing of the kiss was very bizarre. Nice, hot, wow, but bizarre. Like they wanted to put it in, but they didn't, so that was how they compromised. Not just a hallucination, but a thought about a hallucination. Heheh. Sam you silly repressed girl.

Okay, maybe more later, once I read other people's thoughts and digest all of this.


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