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The kitty is finally home!

Well, I shouldn't say that. My house isn't Minni's home, as she's my cousin's cat. But she's in her new foster home *g*

Like I said earlier, we were supposed to pick her up at 11am, which turned into 430 am. So I went to the mall in Concord instead. Got a new sweater at JC Pennys (60% off, yeah baby), a book for Shelby, an awesome strawberry lemonade at Surf City Squeeze (I'm going through withdrawals it was so good) and a box 8 - count em, 8 - massively huge cinnamon buns to go from Cinnabon, which is either God's work or the devil's, and they're so good I don't really care.

Came home, had Carl's Jr for lunch and a Cinnabon (yummmm) and watched Days. Went with my aunt and cuz around 4 to pick up Miss Minni at the vet, then brought her back to my house. The poor thing was totally gorked out, and her rear half was dead from whatever they gave her for the surgery -- the "altering". She was also weaving and swaying like she was on a boat, poor thing. My uncle came over to see the cat, despite the fact that he's spent the last who knows how many years telling us that he doesn't like cats. It's cute, though. We ordered in from this place in Brentwood that has pizza, lasagna/pasta, all sorts of stuff... and they deliver free. $40 for 6 people is not bad at all.

Then the aunt/uncle/cuz had to leave. Minni is staying here until her stitches come out because their dog, Sport, is a big dummy who doesn't know his own strength. He's okay with cats - at least, he likes Chester okay - but Chester can run and jump and otherwise flee. Minni can't, at least not right now. So she's staying here til the stitches come out in two weeks... unless Shelby and her dad manage to convince the moms otherwise ;) Not likely.

She's such a cute, petite little thing. Definitely under a year; she's all eyes and ears. According to the doc she had a tapeworm, which could affect how much weight she put on in the shelter (she'd been there since August!), but I don't think she's going to be a big cat.

Chester was pretty cool towards her at first. Watching from a distance and whatnot. Tiger wanted nothing to do with her. Max was fascinated. So was Minni, but with her back legs dead she couldn't do much about it. But she took a catnap - ha ha - on my stomach, and when she woke up about an hour ago she seemed much more with it. Max gave her kisses all over. Minni went right up into Chester's face and sniffed him, which he was okay with... for about 10 seconds. Then he thumped her on the head and ran off.

They're both being good now, though, taking turns following each other around, hiding behind curtains and furniture. Minni's not up to jumping around yet, but Chester's making up for it, doing his grizzly imitation and otherwise making a pest of himself. In other words, he's acting like a big brother.

Now when are we supposed to get those new Mars pictures?? Grr, I'm impatient.

And yes, my new icon is - gasp - EDUCATIONAL!

ETA: Oh yeah, and I officially passed my CBEST. Yay me. Not as high a score as I wanted, but not bad for being sick as a dog at the time. And I got a perfect score on the reading section. Woohoo.

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