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SJFA 2004

To all Sam/Jack ship-fic fans:

Voting in the 2004 Sam/Jack Fanfic Awards starts now. Go to to start this exciting, life-changing journey. Go to the Nominations page and catch up on your reading. Take notes. Weigh each work of art carefully. Deliberate. Meditate. Then click on the Voting button. Use the fun-and-easy form to send your votes into us. This is your mission.

The voting form will be available for one month -- until Feb. 4th, 2004. Winners will be announced on or before the end of that month. Then the rejoicing shall begin.

Do not - I repeat, do not - try to stuff the ballot box. We will catch you. We're very good at it

Do - I repeat, do - go to this site right this minute and do your civic duty as samandjack list members :D And have fun while you're at it!

Alli Snow & the SJFA Banditos

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