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My cousin finally got a cat!

We went with her and my uncle to pick it out. We found the perfect kitty at the local shelter. Female, 8 months old, very affectionate, loves laps and being petted, curious and just downright adorable. Shelby is going to name her "Minni". Here's a picture from the shelter website:

She needs to go to the vet to be "altered", but she's coming home on Monday. I can't wait!
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OMG - she is gorgeous! And btw - by altered I am presuming you mean "desexed"? The RSPCA over here in Australia are telling everyone who owns a domestic pet to have it desexed now. My dog isn't (he doesn't get out much so there's no danger!), but I think if I do get a dog or cat when I move out that I would definetely do it.