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My cousin finally got a cat!

We went with her and my uncle to pick it out. We found the perfect kitty at the local shelter. Female, 8 months old, very affectionate, loves laps and being petted, curious and just downright adorable. Shelby is going to name her "Minni". Here's a picture from the shelter website:

She needs to go to the vet to be "altered", but she's coming home on Monday. I can't wait!
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Oooh! She's a cutie! And she was adopted out of a shelter. Who-hoo!
Between my family and my aunt's, we've saved 4 shelter animals -- two dogs and now two cats.
Good for you guys!

Let's see... my three dogs and my sister's three dogs are all from shelters (all purebred too), as well as one cat. The rest of the cats were strays found by either us or someone else who brought them to my sister so she could help them find homes.
Most cute. I love cats, but my wife is allergic, so we can't have one. I hope she doesn't complain about being "fixed".
OMG - she is gorgeous! And btw - by altered I am presuming you mean "desexed"? The RSPCA over here in Australia are telling everyone who owns a domestic pet to have it desexed now. My dog isn't (he doesn't get out much so there's no danger!), but I think if I do get a dog or cat when I move out that I would definetely do it.