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Welcome to California

Tim Bueler recently received some unusual advice: His principal and a campus police officer suggested that he stay home from his California high school for a few days.

They feared for his safety because Tim, the founder of Rancho Cotate High School's new Conservative Club, said he had received threats from other students after writing an article for the club newsletter calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration.

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wanna laugh alli....thats my old high school. And currently were my little brother is going to school. :/
Small world.

I did think of you when I was reading it, since I knew that was your area.
The 17-year-old junior says that stance inspired threats from which teachers have refused to protect him.

Ex-SQUEEZE me? If this is true, kid's got a substantial court case. I don't care if he's handing out leaflets saying Hitler should be canonized. That doesn't change a teacher's responsibility toward a student.

Some faculty members even started a public campaign against his group,

Way to set an example. Folks? First Amendment. Ring any bells? *rolls eyes* You're supposed to be the grownups here. If you don't like what he's saying, counter it in civilized debate like you should be teaching the kids to do.
Well, if nothing else this is teaching the kid an important lesson: there are people out there who will say that everyone should have free speech, then turn around and do whatever they can to shut you up. I admire a young person like this with a guts to do what he's doing, and I hope he stands his ground.