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One last post before bed

I'm in the process of updating my website, and changing some things around. Nothing big, just the logo and some of the colors.

I also took this time to update my icon page. I go and make all of these LJ icons, and then they kind of fall into the abyss. But they're all there now... and I have 165. Yikes!

Here's the page if anyone would like to check it out.

The Futurama ep Spanish Fry was on Adult Swim tonight. Hee. I love those Omicronians. And I've never heard so many "wang" jokes in a single half hour of cartoon entertainment!
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Looks great Alli. I can't get the the one between the Nemo seagull and the pink flamingo to show, though.

I was just saying to a friend on AIM last night that I need to make a LJ icon page. I have 250 icons(!!!) sitting in my LJ icon folder.
It's my rat from Pearls Before Swine icon. Says it has errors. Bah, computers. I'll try reuploading it.