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I swear I'm not on drugs

Well, nothing illegal.

But I had the weirdest Alias dream last night. One of those dreams that are totally rockin' cool while you're having them, but then you wake up and it's like... what the hell?

Sometimes my dream was that I was watching the episode, but sometimes I was in the episode myself. Naturally I was Syd. Vaughn was there too, and Blondie. Blondie and Syd were on some kind of mission together, but the ho kept trying to get Syd in trouble, or found out by the bad guys, or something. There was ice skating and a swapping of bags. Blondie bought a big dog. Then Syd bought a little dog. Then she broke into a company that made virtual dogs and frogs, and Vaught was there. They stole orange eye shadow and bluffed their way out. The big dog kept trying to jump on Vaughn, and the little dog disappeared. Syd and Vaughn used a video pay phone to catch the bad guys in the act doing something. Then they went into another building and stole something else. Syd went downstairs to get the car running. Vaughn was following in an elevator with some kind of important package. Then there was a huge explosion near the elevator, and a couple people started to mutate, but no one else seemed to care. Syd tried to get back to the elevator, to see if Vaughn was okay, but she couldn't! But then she found out that he had found another way out and hadn't been blown up after all.

Hmm. Ya know, on second thought, it makes about as much sense as actual Alias episodes. :D

My to do list for today:

- Do laundry
- Cut in on another wall
- Write more Jonasfic (I'm on page 11!)

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