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It's that time again

Yes, another new lj layout!

And a new icon, too :)
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Very nice, as per usual. But is there something about females your age having to change their layout on a very regular basis? There seem to be several of you who do it. Not that they're ever bad, I'm just asking . . .

And as for the icon, I would never have guessed! ;)
I guess I just like experimenting with the way things look. Then I either decide it doesn't look right, or I get bored with it, and it's relatively easy to try something new.

When I was little, I used to move my furniture around my room every couple months, just to make it 'feel new'. Heck, I still do that every now and then, and I'm not even here for most of the year!
I guess I'm my sense of change is either more easily sated, or I'm just plain lazy. Either way, I like looking at my layout, so I've stuck with it.

Certainly does seem as though you like to change things around though!