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From "Tongue-Tied"

The deep thinkers at Indymedia have come to the conclusion that the Lord of the Rings trilogy paints a 'racist stereotypical tapestry' that does a disservice to young viewers everywhere.

Lloyd Hart says people of color are all associated with the Dark Lord Sauron in the movie and the elephant-riding mercenaries too closely resemble the cultures of Africa, Persia and East Asia. The Uruk-hai also too closely resemble Native Americans, which is sure to cause 'a great deal of cultural and racial alienation.'

The fact that King Theoden, a white guy, calls his troops the 'great warriors of the West' clinches it in Hart's eyes.

'Can you imagine how people of skin color, of Persian, Arab and East Asian ethnic background feel when they come out of these films where all the heroes are white and all the "evil doers" are of dark skin.' Hart writes.

C'mon. I gotta have some non-Anglos on my friends list. How did you feel after seeing LotR? Discriminated against? Stereotyped? Vilified? Or maybe you're white and have problems with always being portrayed as the good guy ;)
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