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Das loot!

Okay, let's make sure I don't forget anything...

From my parents:

- A dark brown leather messenger bag
- A Sony boombox (CD player, tape player, radio, small nuclear device, etc)
- Two Christopher Pike books
- Bill O'Reilly's new book
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD
- 2004 Futurama wall calander
- Assorted chocolates

From Jamie:

- Vertical Horizon's new CD

From Jamie's girlfriend:

- An... interesting scarf

From my grandmother:
- $25 to "go shopping for her"

From my aunt and uncle:

- New jammies (which I'm wearing right now!)
- Futurama DVDs Volumes I & II
- A "The Spin Stops Here" O'Reilly Factor liscense plate holder
- A picture frame
- Some aromatherapy stuff
- A copper head massager
- A brown crochetted purse from The Sak

From my online buds:
- Cute SamandJack magents from Ann
- A cute little cartoon SG-1 calander from Yam
- A gift cert. from Becca
- Christmas/holiday cards from AC, Hoo, Sally, Jahncie and family, Jenny, FJ, Yam, Lola, Rob, Lisa, Suz, Denise, Sue, Jen, Ann, Sel and Arnise.

And if I forgot anyone, feel free to string me up by my toenails!

Thank you to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful day, and continue to have a rockin' time :D

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