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Christmas in China

Reading this, I can't help but think, wow, this is probably how a lot of li- er, people would like the holidays to be in this country. Christmas without Christ. Commercialism without any deeper meaning.

But reading this article also made me think about the whole "seperation of church (that's church, not religion or spirituality) and state" debate that's going on in the US, the UK, and no doubt other countries. Because this is what that clause was meant to prevent: the bulldozing of churches or shrines that aren't "authorized", the detaining of people who aren't worshiping in government sanctioned ways. It's really sad, actually. Here you have the Chinese government eager to exploit the commercial potential of the holiday while actively preventing people to worship the person whose birth is the reason Christmas is around, period!

In a way, it makes what's going on in the US seem not so bad.

But then you read about things like this...

"Burning the American flag is considered free speech; erecting crosses as roadside memorials is not. The Federal Communications Commission allows the "F-word" on television, but thanking God at a high school graduation is a no-no. And some schools freely dispense condoms to kids, but pencils that read "Jesus loves little children" were confiscated from a first-grade class in Virginia."

... and, well, it makes me wonder.

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