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How SG-1 Saved Christmas

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Having located Daniel, quite battered and bloody
Carter and Teal'c soon caught up with their buddy
They too saw the weapons and tracks on the ground
And stepped forward carefully, looking around.

For here the trees grew thick and dense,
The perfect place for a Grinchy defense.
"This is all my fault," said the small Who-girl stranger,
"I asked for your help... I put you in danger."

"You couldn't have known he'd go to this length,
That he'd be so prepared, or have so much strength.
We're here and committed," said Jack with a twitch.
"Now c'mon, let's go after this son of a bitch."

They need not go far, for there in a clearing
Was the fuzzy green bastard the Whos had been fearing.
He didn't seem armed -- he seemed hardly awake.
Sam paused, then announced, "I don't think he's a snake."

The Grinch blinked and looked at them, dazed and confused.
The smile on his face was perplexed and bemused.
"What am I doing here? Who are you folks?
Is this a set-up... some kind of hoax?"

To be continued...


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