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How SG-1 Saved Christmas

Chapter One Chapter Two

Chapter Three

"How could he know?" asked the Who with a start.
"He couldn't have guessed it, he can't be that smart."
Daniel leaned close to the Who-girl and hissed,
"It might be the Whos have a spy in their midst."

With caution the five continued their mission,
Trying to sneak up on the Grinch's ammunition
Jack carefully plotted a way through the snow
That would let them outflank their furry green foe.

Then suddenly - bam! - a sound shot through the night
And with horror they watched Daniel Jackson take flight.
A second explosion came quick on its heels
But no reaction was quicker than that of O'Neill's.

Heedless of danger, he rushed up the slope,
Gun at the ready and fitted with scope
But the dastardly Grinch was nowhere in sight
He'd shot at the team and had then taken flight

But in the soft snow were his obvious tracks
A machette, an Uzi, a sword and an axe
The Who's worst fears all seemed to be true:
On top of his thefts, he was dangerous, too!

To be continued...

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