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How SG-1 Saved Christmas

Chapter Two

On a mountain just north was the Grinch's abode
In a dank little cave far off the main road
The young Who explained, as they travelled this distance
What had led to their cry for outsiders' assistance.

"He came in his sled, his dog dragging behind,
And took all our toys - he was out of his mind!
So we sang, made a big show of feeling alright
He came back with our things -- he seemed quite contrite.

We plied him with packages, toys and a feast.
We even let the monster carve the roast beast!
But when next year came he was at it once more
Taking the wreaths from the walls and our rugs from our floors.

He came to his senses, he gave it all back.
But what if next time it's a violent attack?
What if, instead of stealing our food, gifts and toys
He horribly murders young girls and small boys?"

"That is quite a cause for concern," Jack agreed
"Sounds to me like he's nothing more than a bad seed.
We'll find him for you, miss, and tie him up well.
This year he can spend Christmas eve in a cell!"

Daniel said, "That's a little bit harsh, don't you think?
Maybe he just needs some time with a shrink.
Some mind-altering drugs might make him less rude
And help put him in the holiday mood."

"Shh!" said Sam with a wave of her hand.
Jack made a face and said, "I'm in command!"
"Yes sir," she answered, "but you might like to know,"
"I saw something moving up there in the snow."

Quietly, Daniel asked, "What did you see?"
"A large ammo box and a huge RPG,"
Said Sam, rather grimly, fingers thoughtfully drumming.
"This won't be easy... the Grinch knows we're coming."

To be continued...

Chapter One

And... completely unrelated, but interesting: Details of Saddam's Months in Hiding.

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