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How SG-1 Saved Christmas

Chapter One

The Gate swirled and whirled, and four figures stepped through
And in front of them, there in the snow, stood a Who.
She nervously bowed, said "You'll have all our thanks
If you can stop the Grinch's horrible pranks!"

"It's no problem at all," said Jack with a smile
"We're used to these bad guys with no sense of style.
"He'll be gone in a jiffy! We'll take him out quick!
We'll lock him up tight, this imposter St. Nick."

"Hammond explained it," said Daniel. "We know that your town
Has been harassed by this monster!" He sighed and he frowned.
"We hoped and we hoped that he'd changed his bad ways,
That he'd come to accept all your festive displays."

"So he'd like you to think!" said the long-suffering Who.
"As a matter of fact, we all thought that too!
We forgave him his sins on this most merry of seasons...
But then he did it again, and we don't quite know his reasons!"

Sam straighened her cap. "Well, where is he now?
We'll deal with this cretin... we'll do it somehow.
He can not be as bad as some others we've fought.
A green furry man? He'll be easily caught."

The Who picked a path through the snow, and she led
While Teal'c simply frowned and shook his bald head.
It was true that he'd seen some strange things in his time
But why, oh why were his friends all speaking in rhyme?

To be continued...

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