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The Central Michigan University affirmative action office's attempts to ban Santa Claus backfired after noel-lovers stood up for their rights, reports the Saginaw News.

The office posted a "Christmas Warning" on its online calendar warning against displays of Christmas cheer. The advisory, entitled, "How to celebrate Christmas without offense" said it "is inappropriate to decorate things with Santa Claus or reindeer or other `Christmas' decorations."

"Good ideas for decorations during this time are snowflakes, snowpeople, poinsettias to give a feeling of winter," the notice said. Other cultural or religious holidays in December such as Hanukkah or Kwanzaa did not have similar warning attached, the paper said.

The university took down the warning after fielding complaints from the Catholic League in New York. The office replaced its warning with a softer "suggestion" advising the campus community to "please be sensitive and respectful of others of all cultural traditions."

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